there are 3 different boards now. and the nest and the bump have switched their lay outs. So my how to guide is a wee bit out dated. So I'm going to use the nest as a reference point. but because both are run pretty much the same, the steps will all be the same. so follow along, and if you get lost don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm more than willing to help.

I’m not changing the older entries because the knot, has the old format. so that way if you're using the guide for the knot, it should still all work out for you. again, don't hesitate to ask questions

Knot - Nest - Bump

Knot - Nest - Bump

Monday, May 11, 2009

*updated* Nest/Bump Bio

Apparently the nest/bump has a bio maker. NEWS TO ME!

It seems pretty freaking simple.
if you need help ask, i'm not going to give a tutorial for this one.

again, have a question ask. i'll walk you thru it on a case by case basis. but just take your time, read what it says, and you should be golden.

Good luck.


Ellie said...

Cool idea for a blog!

Anonymous said...

How do you look up one person's post's without having to look through all other people's?